Spehre Ads Policy

Welcome to the Spehre Ads Policy page. Our platform is dedicated to creating a safe, transparent, and trustworthy environment for job seekers, employers, and advertisers alike. This policy serves as a comprehensive guide for advertisers to ensure that their advertisements meet our high standards for content quality and relevance to our users' professional interests and needs.

General Principles

Relevance: Advertisements on Spehre must directly relate to job searching, career development, education, professional networking, and related services. Ads should be designed to provide value to our users, contributing positively to their experience on Spehre. For example, ads for job training programs, career coaching services, and networking events are highly encouraged.

Integrity and Authenticity: We require all advertisements to be honest, clear, and accurate. Any form of misleading, deceptive, or false content is strictly prohibited. Advertisers must present their products, services, and overall brand truthfully, ensuring that users have a clear understanding of what is being offered. For instance, job postings must accurately describe the position and requirements, without exaggerating the benefits or omitting crucial information about responsibilities.

Safety and Privacy: Advertisements must never compromise the safety or privacy of our users. If an ad collects personal information, it must do so in a secure manner, with explicit consent from the user. The purpose of data collection should be clearly stated, and all personal information must be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Prohibited Content

Advertisements on Spehre must not contain or promote the following:

Target and Placement

Targeting: Ad targeting must be done responsibly. Ads should be shown to users most likely to be interested in the advertised products or services, without relying on sensitive categories such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or health status for targeting purposes.

Placement: Advertisers can select where their ads are displayed on the Spehre platform, but such placements must respect the user experience. Ads should not obstruct navigation, content visibility, or otherwise negatively impact the platform's functionality.

Ad Format and Quality

Quality: Advertisements must maintain a high standard of quality, with text that is clear and legible, images that are high resolution, and designs that are professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Intellectual Property

Ads must respect intellectual property rights, and advertisers are responsible for ensuring they possess the necessary permissions to use the content within their advertisements. This includes text, images, logos, and any other materials used.

Review and Approval Process

All ads submitted to Spehre are subject to a review process to ensure they comply with our Ads Policy. Spehre reserves the right to reject or remove any ads that fail to meet these standards.

Advertisers will be informed of the review outcome. In cases where an ad does not comply, the advertiser will have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments and resubmit the ad for review.

Policy Enforcement and Violations

Violations of the Spehre Ads Policy may lead to the suspension or termination of the advertising campaign and, in severe cases, the advertiser’s account. Repeated violations could result in a permanent ban from advertising on Spehre.


Spehre reserves the right to amend this Ads Policy at any time. Advertisers are encouraged to review the policy regularly to ensure ongoing compliance.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding the Spehre Ads Policy, please reach out to our support team via [email protected]. We are committed to working closely with our advertisers to maintain a positive and professional environment for all users on our platform.